Red Force Labs is a online security research and products company focusing on bringing to market solutions that help verify identities and transactions reliably from any computing device be it owned or shared. We have spent the last three years researching the vulnerabilities that plague the internet, the modus operandi used to exploit these and building technologies that help mitigate, fortify networks and thus avert these attacks.

One of the biggest issues in internet based services is the fact that all mechanisms in use are prone to Man in the Middle (MitM) or Man in the Browser (MiB/MitB) trojans that are quite prevalent and rampant today. The first target of such attacks are online financial services like Online Banking, Online Trading etc.

All banks worldwide are vulnerable to such attacks irrespective of what mechanisms they use. OTP hardware keyfobs, considered to be secure, are defenceless against these attacks.

We have built a unique patent pending solution to address this category of attacks ground up and can demonstrate it. Call us or email us to see this unique solution in action.

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